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Wellness in the Workplace

Corporate Leg Wellness

Sitting or standing for long periods of time while at work can lead to health issues in the legs. Let our screening team set up a day of education where you and your employees can find relief.

We call it Wellness in the Workplace!

Early Detection of Arterial and Venous disorders. Employees and and employers are happy to see the workplace full of new and rewarding options to help maintain a safe and healthy work environment. While at work or play we do our best. Due to heredity, illness, injury, and age, our legs will undergo a lot of stress. Now, with a true focus on Leg Wellness in the Workplace we can help maintain leg comfort and get back to more productive days.

Truck Driver Leg Wellness

Driving for long periods of time can be exhausting on your body. As you may be aware, labor-intensive jobs can induce a heavy strain on your legs and feet which may lead to fatigue, pain, and discomfort. Excessive fatigue on the legs can lead to more health issues down the road!

Find relief with Early Detection of Arterial and Venous Disorders. Join us for and Educational session with : Meet the Doctor....Ask the Doctor! Get Advice from Professional in the fields of Leg/Knee Disorders.

Telemedicine Supplies Wellness

Your Wellness......Our Passion!

Topics Covered:

Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Blood Sugar and Diabetes 

Who is affected?

How do you Know if you have HTN, Diabetes.

How to effectively manage HTN, Diabetes

What are the symptoms?

What are treatment options?

Compression Therapy

Screening Services include:

BP, Pulse O2, and Glucose check up

Lower extremity wellness check

Stroke early detection tools

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