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Why Us?

"Education offers measurable benefits which result in equally measurable employment opportunities, thereby

elevating the economy and benefiting future generations. This is how we build a strong community." --Ty Johnson

Smith-Johnson & Associates, LLC brings a combined fifty years of experience in quality medical and business services to assist you with running your practice more efficiently and more cost effectively.

We are dedicated to helping you streamline your practice. We administer personalized professional services that can enhance almost every aspect of your business. If you are looking for ways to save money and increase practice revenues, we will be a valuable resource for you to achieve these goals.

For years, healthcare providers have trusted the members of Smith-Johnson & Associates, LLC and our affiliates for our expertise and delivery of specialized services that directly and indirectly relate to the primary purpose of patient treatment.

Our experienced members possess a diverse knowledge base that encompasses the medical spectrum.

We provide office set-up, administration, marketing, and diagnostic expertise.

As consultants for today's medicine, we provide a one-stop-shop approach to the services your practice may need.​

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